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Originally Posted by Chef JimmyJ View Post
 A finer or multiple fine grind and/or a run through a Food Processor to get to more of an, "Oscar Meyer" consistency should eliminate the problem.


I agree a second fine (or finer) grind through your smallest plate would probably reduce the chance of those 'fat pockets' & get a more uniform mix. For my recent 'franks' episode, my first grind was 4.5mm, then 2x with 3.0mm plate = a very smooth consistency with no detectable pockets.


The extended poaching time you gave the chubs (up to 165° versus pulling them at 152°) may have also contributed the fat rendering (hole-producing).


Good looking boloney, tho! 

Those loafs would only last a few days in my house. drool.gif


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I like the idea of the holes are there to catch mustard. Designer holes.

That looks beautiful. I remember a few years ago waiting for the plane to land with the new sneakers and Bologna. This only happened once a year. We always fought over the end cuts. For some reason we thought they were the bomb.

Anyway thanx for the trip down memory lane.241.png


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Originally Posted by Bearcarver View Post


The little holes are there for the mustard to hide in, much like Thomas's English Muffins (Nooks & Crannies for the butter).  biggrin.gif



Oh yeah that's why I got then holes there.....for holding mustard.


Thanks for the reminder Bear ......and thanks for all the great comments and advice, I try the final grind with a 3mm plate next time and maybe a little more water to slurry it together better.



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