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Originally Posted by TJohnson View Post

Bear is a LAZY POS and needs to get a tri tip on the smoker

Get with the program Bear!

What are you thinking?




LOL----This is the first I saw this thread, but some of you guessed it---LOL--Not you Todd.


They don't sell them around here.

I never even heard of Tri Tip until I got on this forum.


I guess one of my butcher buddies could easily cut one for me, but when I can get Prime Rib for $5.99, I buy a bunch of them.-----Tri Tip not needed.




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Ohhhhh, I feel special now. Tri tips were the bomb when I had the sweet pleasure of living in Santa Barbara...with a mess of Santa Maria beans, pure heaven as the other poster said. Even Costco has them up here and a 'choice' cut to boot. But then, we don't have all that choice fish you guys in Florida have access to.

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