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No Bearcarver Tri tip tutorial???

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What is the meaning of this outrage? I see all of these awesome tri tips in the carousel, so I go consult my smoking dictionary (Bear's sig) and what do I find? Everything but tri tip! What's going on here, Bear? Consider this an online petition!

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I'll sign that petition Beer.gif


Although I must say, If I could get Tri Tip here you would see more of

them on the carousel. grilling_smilie.gif

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Originally Posted by raptor700 View Post

I'll sign that petition Beer.gif


Although I must say, If I could get Tri Tip here you would see more of

them on the carousel. grilling_smilie.gif

I'm in the same boat up here in Boston. Never heard of a tri tip until about 5 or 6 years ago, and I've still never seen one. I'm hoping to find a butcher that'll carry that cut, but I think I'm just as likely to find ground unicorn around here.

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Dont know where da bear be but down here in bayou country there is no such thing as tri tip. Butchers won't even cut em.

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It's a west coast cut, I've only had one and it was flown in at the last gathering by Brian from California.

It was awesome!

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I'm originally from Calif, Tri Tip in every store. Since moving to PA some 20 years ago i aint seen one. My butcher says .....oh yeah i can get em if you want the whole case....I dont think so maynard.

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Up until  the past year the butchers around here did not know what Tri-Tip was. I ask many about them since I lived in Ca. for 18 yer.  and ate them all of the time along with those Santa Maria beans. last year Sam`s club got some in by mistake and I bought  4 or 5 of them and the next week they were gone and never to be seen again. They can be tough as a brisket if you do not smoke or bbq them right but done right they are wonderful...

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I would be happy to help any of you who need a TriTip. We can ship it with dry ice to anywhere you need. Just cover my cost and it is yours. TriTips average about $4 # and the average portion is about 3-4 pounds.

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What can I say?


Waiting for Bear's tri tip tutorial.




Good luck and good smoking.

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Just picked up a few for 2.99 a pound today. banana_smiley.gif Or should I say I cleaned them out. biggrin.gif Petition signed. icon14.gif

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Hey guys, why don't you order a case, cost about $150, ...and then split it among 4-5 of ya that are close together and you got tri-tip, grill it to 135° with some salt, pepper, garlic powder, wrap it in foil and take it to your butcher, I'll bet after he tastes it you'll have tri-tip all of the time, ...that's what I did and we have it here every day.   biggrin.gif


Meat, I pay $3.15/lb and it's coming from New Zealand, ...I feel good!!!



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I bet Bear can't get tri tip or he would have a tutorial on smoking it.

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Wow, I knew they were a west coast thing, but I didn't think they'd be so exclusive. I may need to look into importing some. I'll check with a couple local butchers first

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Talk to your local Sam`s club butchers they may be able to order them...Somebody send Bear a Tri-Tip.....I would but I can`t get them.

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Yes Bear needs a tip about Tri-Tips.  Although a Tri Tip done up Santa Maria style is a slice of heaven.

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Sooo Sad!  th_crybaby2.gif Seems I have cornered the market in my area!  I have Tri- Tips in our case every day now and people are starting to catch on finally.  Reminds me!...I need to have a loss leader sale on Tri Tips and do some demos in the store again!  Samples anyone??? yahoo.gif



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Bear is a LAZY POS and needs to get a tri tip on the smoker

Get with the program Bear!

What are you thinking?




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Somebody send this Bear a Tri-tip pleeeeeeeeease !!!!!!!

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It really amazes me that tri tip is not available all over the US.


We get it here occasionally & it sells out immediately.


I look for it every time I'm in the grocery store.


We don't have any butcher shops here in Highlands County, so I can't ask my local butcher to get me one.



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i am north of boston. i found 1 buthcer that has tri tip steaks - no good for smoking.

i then found a butcher in beverly that cut the tri tip off the whole serloin for me - it was great!

I think the meat store will order it.


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