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Dry Cured Chorizo

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Well i have been wanting to make dry cured sausage for awhile now so i did my research on-line and i decide it was time to give it a shot and here is what i got. and damn is it good!!!!!!!!


Here it is fermenting


after fermentation


after curing for 2 weeks at 55 degrees  and 75-80% humidity


and the finished product!!!


man its good!!!!!

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icon_eek.gificon14.gif Man I could go for a plate of chorizo and eggs right now! 

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Beautiful...I need more TOYS!...JJ

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Man I need to get into this program soon as I retire I am looking forwared to building a curing chamber

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my chamber is a crappy mini fridge it works for small production the cool thing that because its so small humidity is easy to maintain. next up some lomo and salchichon de vic!!

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very nice.........care to share the recipe/formula?

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Looks exactly like the one made by the Portugese butcher in the next suburb to me. And hes been doing it for years,with a full pro set up. Nice job.

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Great Job BR they look real tasty! I hope to be tring some in the near furture. thanks for sharing the View.

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Oh yeah thats how ya do it......Nice

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How do you control the humidity?

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Nice can we have more details (like meat spices ,,,,,)

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Did you smoke it ? Can you smoke it ? It takes courage to do the dry stuff....

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Looks like the authentic European stuff!


Good luck and good smoking.

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I'm impressed...killer looking chorizo

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My recipe it simple i just use Spanish smoked paprika, salt, pepper, garlic, and a bit of dextrose . And bactoferm f-lc. And 3 pounds of pork half i put through the grinder and the other half chopped by hand. oh and to control humidity i use a small computer fan in the fridge. also i was told on a different forum to hang a damp towel for humidity and it works like a charm.


here's some pics of my lunch today using the chorizo



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Oh and sorry i forgot to mention that this is un-smoked  but u can cold smoke it if you like since i cant cold smoke it yet i haven't tried it!!

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Man my first batch of chorizo was so good i already have the second one fermenting right now!! here is a pic..


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Looks great! Another something I am going to have to try.  Thanks for sharing.

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That's awesome!


I want to try dry curing pepperoni, but have been a little intimidated by the temp & humidity requirements.


You make it look easy.


I don't think I'm ready yet, but will keep reading & eventually will take the plunge.

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SmokinAl as long you read up on things and have some knowledge of what your doing it is pretty easy. i use a cheap mini fridge that was given to me all you need is a solid recipe and a bit of know how and your more than half way there!!! oh be a real clean freak about things!!! thank god for Star-San lol

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