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Stufz Burgers

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Sorry, No "how to" or recipe, just some photos to share.


Whats a Stufz, a Stufs is a burger stuffed with anything you can dream up.

These burgers are huge and one is more than enough for most people, make sure to really cook these thoroughly, they are thick.

Sorry there's no pictures of the actual process, but you can go to their website for more detailed information.
Maybe I'll eventually get around to posting a quick how to, but for now just enjoy the pictures.













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Looking good man. So who got the bacon wrapped dog?

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That's a beautiful burger!

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It looks yummy thanks

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Originally Posted by Scarbelly View Post

Looking good man. So who got the bacon wrapped dog?




Whoever wanted one.

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Awesome looking burgers SQWIB, your ideas and techniques amaze me...James

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looks great.. bet they were tasty..

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Looking good !


Good luck and good smoking.

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I'll take 2 dogs please great job.....

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Looks fantastic!  I love mine, my favorite so far is stuffed with blue cheese and coated with blackened seasoning.  Best black and blue burger I have ever had.


Just ordered six more for gifts.

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Another great one by Squib!!

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Looking good. I wonder if you could have stuffed that burger with one of those dogs....ya think?

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looking good squib   i'll take a burger and a dog!

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Hot dammm those loook delicious!!!



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I have seen the burger makers before, can you point me in a direction to getting one?

they look fantastic.

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Stufz.net for the one the OP used or there is another one on the market at burgerpocketpress.com/ They both work good. I have the Burger Pocket Press and like it.
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I've looked at both, the Burger Pocket Press looks easier to use and clean...Has anybody tried both and have a preference? Is one bigger than the other? One faster than the other? Thanks...JJ

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I think they both are about the same size. I believe they are both pretty easy to clean. What I like about the BPP is what I make a bunch of burgers or sausage patties I can roll out way paper and put balls of meat and go from one spot to the other and just press them out directly on the wax paper. With the Stufz you have to remove each one from the unit before going to the next.
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Thank You sir...JJ

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