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Pork, it's what's for dinner! (with a side of beef)

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Filled up the WSM today two chuck roasts and 3 racks of spares (plus trimmings).


Got the spares trimmed up St. Loui style and hit them with some rub.



.... trimmings from the ribs (a.k.a. - cook snacks!)



Everybody into the WSM with some hickory thin blue smoke. th_wsmsmile0ly.gif




Three hours in.... ready for foil, with 1/4 C apple juice in each foil.



... back on the grates with some sauce for an hour.



Finished off on the hot weber kettle with another layer of sauce.... ooooh yeaahh! yahoo.gif



Money shot! A plate of pure heaven! drool.gif



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Beautiful Work, Johnny, and nice pics...JJ

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I bet those ribs were super good! They have a great color on them!
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The ribs look fantastic, Johnny!


Another great smoke from JR!

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Looks like you got all the food groups covered, pass me a plate.

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JR -- that is one good looking dinner!  Can't do much better than pork, with a side of beef?!?!  Yum...and the corn looks perfect to me.


Tasty post!

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Great looking ribs....

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Wow, you nailed it.



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Another great smoke JR - points.gifif I could

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Looks great Johnny ! drool.gificon14.gif

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Thanks all.... the family really liked that I finished the ribs on the hot grill, made a nice crunchy sweet crust out of the sauce.

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