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Diablo Powder!

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My mom gave me some mystery peppers that were a bit hotter than a jalapeno, so I decided to make some chili powder.


Cut the topps of and sliced them in half lengthwise:



I then tossed them onto my WSM with some mesquite smoke for 3 hrs..... smoker was running at 200°. (Sorry forgot to take a picture of that step).no_no.gif


Then I laid them out on a rack in my oven with the oven set at 150°. I put a wood spoon in the top of the door to crack it open and let them dry out for about 10 hrs. (I remembered this picture!)



I then ran them through my $2 yard sale coffee grinder and got this awesome hot powder. It has a nice smokey flavor and is really hot! th_violent5.gif



I labeled it "Diablo Powder" so I don't mix it up with my regular chili powder... lol.

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The devil you say?  Glad I didn't get those.  As long as they are, the heat would have been a shock!


Bet that is going to be some great powder!  Did your sinuses survive the grinding process, Johnny?  LOL I bet there was a damp towel somewhere in your kitchen?


Good luck and good smoking.



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Kinda looks like Anaheim to me, I bet that powder rocks. icon14.gif

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Make Way !!!!


Hot stuff comin' thru!!!!!




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Goes really well in my rub! lol

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Looks great I was thinking of trying the same thing with some Jals I have from the garden.

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WOW! Those look like a cross with green chilies and serranos to me.
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It even looks hot!

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I let my brother inlaw grind my hot peppers he said the house fills with dust.You would think he would take it outside.Better him than me 

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Great work Johnnie - looks mighty tasty

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My little coffee grinder did a great job of keeping all the dust in, only real concern was when I was dumping it out of the grinder.

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Thanks for the idea it looks like Diablodiablo.png

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Looks great!  Another thing I am going to have to try with fresh, hot peppers.


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Looks awesome

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good idea put this in my tado list.

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