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Getting conflicting temperatures for PP

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Hey  Guys, I was reading The Smoke and Spice Barbecue book and it says a shoulder is finished at a 160 to 170  degree internal temp.   Do any of you use an internal temp less than 200 to complete your butts?  Also how many of you that cook around 220  temp wrap n foil mid way thru cooking and how many cooks no foil the entire time?


Thanks  for your help.

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There are lots of post on here for PP .

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Ok I am sorry, I put the cart in front of the horse. Afer I sent these questions I found plenty of subjects addressing them already in the archives. Although some of them are few years old, I guess they should still be good advice. And  to climb further under my rock the finished temp in the smoke and spice book was 170 to 180, not 160 to 170 but it did indicate that this 170 to 180 was for pulled pork.


Thanks again,


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There still not bad at 170, they just wont pull apart. 

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Pit, 170 to 180*F will give a good Slicer like in Sliced Roast Pork. But you need 200+or- for sufficient break down of connective tissue to Pull it...JJ

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Yep at least 200 to pull pork butt.

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Agree with the above, most of the time I foil my butts, but sometimes I don't worry about it until after it is done.  Then I always foil and wrap in towels and put in a cooler for at least and hour before pulling, I have kept them in there for 6 hrs before and it was still too hot to pull with bare hands.


Hope this helps


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I pulled my first one at 198 just cause it was getting really late and I didn't want to wait any longer, and it turned out just fine.

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