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That sounds like a good question.  Unfortunately, I have no idea what any of that means.  LOL.  When i say I'm new to this, I mean I know nothing.  I know that the fire goes in the box and the meat goes in the smoker.  Is the flue the part that goes from the box into the smoker? Please forgive me.  I'm not trying to be annoying. 

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OK i'm new to this site however

i have this smoker and having the advantage of being a machinist and working with metals i msome simple mods to this unit i bougt it knowing full well that i intended to make some mods to it


1st the steal was thin to my liking so i figured the first thing to go would be the bottom of the fire boxes so i added a piece of cut to fit 1/8th inch mild steal plates to the smoker box and both grilling boxes i raised them up off the deck area using 4-6 pcs of 1 inch steal pipe cut to 1 inch thickness and tack welded these pieces to the new plates


the next thing i did was to take the grate that goes into the smoker box and add some more 1/4 inch steel round rod to close up the gaps it came with big gaps and i did not want all of my wood or charcoal falling through


next when i was assembling the box to the grill it did not have a gasket to seal the area so i used a sheet of 1/8th garlock gasket material and made a gasket i also replaced all the mild 1/4 20 bolts that came with the unit that went into the fire boxes with 1/4 20 nicu nickle copper bolts that way it will never rust


next i used the same gasket material to make a gasket for the lid on the smoker did not want my smoke going the wrong way


this grill was lacking in working bench area some place to lay your cooking things on so i measured the distance of the bolt holes on the legs and made 2 L shaped brackets out of stainless steal and measured the distance between the 2 new L brackets and ran 2 pieces of stainless steel channel rail between the two then took a piece of 1 inch thick hickory board and cut it to fit into the rails i have to reach under it now to turn on and off the burners but the added working surface was worth it


hope this helps out or gives you some ideas

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Someone was looking for this. Bump.biggrin.gif
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I also have this smoker and have done quite a few mods that don't require any special skills. I have written a review here on SMF and in it I listed a link to my blog that shows in detail all my mods. I plan on posting them all here on SMF when I get a chance.

This unit is pretty nice for the price, but the smoker function is nearly impossible to use without modding it first. Check out my mods and they'll help you improve your purchase.

My review:
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sscrib: What's a link to your blog? Thanks!
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In my review posted at I include a link to my blog that lists all my posts regarding my modifications to this smoker. Here is that link: Feel free to have a look and leave a comment or two. Thanks.

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