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OK, I'm new here, so if this belonged in the Pork forum, I apologize in advance.  Folks asked me in Roll Call to post Q-View.  Hopefully I will get this right.  



Here she is, all cured and ready to go! 



Lookie how clean; I'll be working on changing that this summer and fall.  :) 



Tyson baby back ribs from Wally World.  2 of the three slabs, membrane pulled, soaked overnight in a brine of 1 gallon water/1 C salt/1C brown sugar, then last night a quick rinse, and a dry rub.  I used Famous Dave's Rib Rub, since my wife likes their stuff.



All ready to go. 



If you look closely, TBS above the smoker.  My first time and I hit it.  This is 15 mins after I fired her up.  



I went up to check it about 20 mins later, and the temp had dropped.  I guess this is why I need to watch it and learn how this baby cooks.  Oh well, as long as I am having fun.  I'll let these go for at least an hour, and if I can't smell the smoke, I will add a few more chunks.  Then after about 2 hours total, I plan to foil them for 2 hours.  After, they get sauced up with Famous Dave's Rich 'n Sassy sauce (again, what the wife likes).  If all goes well, then I will start experimenting!  More photos to come!