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Looks like you did a great job.

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Outstanding job! One of the best I've seen. icon14.gif

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Looks great! Glad you took the plunge.

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First Fattie, great job!

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Holy Wow!! That looks GREAT!!! I like the brat twist. Never thought of using that. Great job!!!

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drool.gif  Now THAT looks scrumptous!!



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I bet you will be making that one again.

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I'm hooked gona do one tonight

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drool.gifRight on that looks great!

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this thread inspited me to do my own "first fattie". what fun to make and everyone loves it! We'll be doing more, trying some different things.

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These things are intriguing ,not done down my wayaussieflag.gif.I get it in principle but they seem high fat with all the bacon,salami etc.  My Doctor talks about full fat milk like its crack cocaine so a fatty is going to get a bad rap.laugh1.gif. Bacon wrapping been around for a while but this is another level

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Nice fatty!
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great one of the best i've seen posted

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I appreciate all of the nice comments. I had fun making this one and I will make it again because my family will force me too. I think if you ate the whole thing the fat content would be out of control; but if you limited yourself to two slices it is fairly reasonable. Not something you want to eat every day! besides it has spinach in it, doesn't spinach offset fat?!?!

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Great lookin fatty. Nice work.

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Great job, Plan on trying the brats instead of regular sausage

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Thank you so much for the step by step. I'll be trying to make one soon.


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