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More pork today, in way of loin chops

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Well since I can't seem to get enough of this stuff, I did some loin chops and a few chickens today.  Chops were marinated in a herb, garlic, butter mix for 24 hours.  Chickens got a rub down of S&P on one and a mix of S&P, garlic powder, chili powder, opnion powder, and white sugar on the other.  Smoked the chops for two hours and then finished on the grill.  Turned out awesome.  Chickens done on the smoker until they hit 165.  Had some potatoes and carrots roasted with butter and S&P with a little slice of carrot cake to wrap up the meal.  Enjoy the view.  Posted in here cause the chops were the star of this smoke.


Wrapped the chick on the left in foil to tone the smoke down a bit so it didn't brown as nicely.



Chops fresh off the grill.



Now thats a plate of goodness.



Nice touch of smoke on these babies.



Mmmmm carrot cake.  I'm going to take a nap now.


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Looks great. icon14.gif

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Everything looks delicious!



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Great job,

That's my kinda meal...............Lots of meat yahoo.gif



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It looks yummy


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nice plate of grub tasteybanana_smiley.gif

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All looks Perfect !!!


Nice BearView too!!!




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I've got to stop reading this forum in the morning...makes me want to call in to work

and stay home and smoke stuff all day.


Those look delicious, nice job!

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Now that we all weigh 15 pounds more, we need a break. Or do we? HMMMMMMMMMM

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whatcha doing with the other thigh??  drool.gif

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