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Char-Broil American Gourmet Deluxe

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Hello all, I have a question regarding this smoker. My local walmart just put the Char-Broil American Deluxe smoker on clearance for 118. So this is my dilemma... I really need a new smoker and am getting  tired of babysitting my Brinkmann Vertical. I have done all the mods and it seems like I still have to watch over it. I know that I get what I pay for but I really don't have the money to invest in a smoker that I won't have to babysit.
So with this offset, if I do all the mods, does anyone think that I will still need to babysit it as much? I want to do similar mods like people have done here with the offsets. I was thinking of doing something similar like in this post

I was going to get the Char Griller like in the post, but I know there will still need to be some mods done on it... Will there be a big difference between the two after similar mods? I figure with this price drop for a new unit, it makes it a pretty good deal. I appreciate any help you guys can offer. 


The smoker that is on sale is this one.

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Looks like it would make a fine smoker. 

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