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Doing some baby backs, not using 2-2-1?

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I've done ribs before and have always used the 2-2-1 method. But today I've got some extra time and was thinking about trying them without the foil. My question is, will they get as tender as they do in the foil as long as I cook them long enough? Or do I have to foil them if I want them that tender? Thanks in advance, gurus.


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If you want fall off the bone tender & some pullback on the bones you will have to foil them. It's the steam in the foil that gets them so tender.

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They won't get as tender, but they'll get just tender enough. They'll still have some "bite". The meat will cling to the bone just a little. The problem with not foiling is that you really need to be dead on accurate with your temp and when you pull them. Leave 'em on a little too long and you'll get a tough leathery exterior and a dry interior. Pull 'em off too early, and they'll be rubbery and tough.

The best ribs I've ever eaten are done with no foil, but the pitmaster's some sort of bbq wizard. I decided to try and do it the way he does, but I've failed time after time. I finally had to man up and admit that I needed a little insurance. Foiling gives that insurance. One hour will tenderize a little, 2 hours will give you that falling off the bone consistency that most love but I don't. The time after foiling firms them back up and dries them a little.

On my last smoke, a 2-1.5-.5 method was almost perfect. I think one hour in the foil would have given me perfect consistency for my taste.

Good luck and don't forget to share the Q-view!!

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I guess I'm lucky I don't foil my ribs at all. 

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I like my meat to cling just a little to the bone.


I dry rub and spray with a mix of apple cider vinegar/apple juice & yellow mustard and about the last 2 hours of coking I sauce the ribs for about an hour and foil for about an hour. I also use foil to speed cooking 


Not sure if it’s right or wrong but makes for moist tasty baby backs IMO!

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