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When your thermometer hits 200*F, probe the meat in a couple of places. Even with the smoker lid off for 30 minutes, carryover heat (the heat on the outside of the meat conducting to the inside), should have caused the temp to go UP 5*F not DOWN! ...JJ

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same thing happen to me last week on the 16 hour butt i did. Meat temp drop I think 7 or 8 degree on me when i open the lid and baste the meat.

just hang in there it will get done.

do u keep a cooking log ?  here a link to one or put "cooking log " in search

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I am telling you that first butt will almost drive you crazy..The stall is a killer but do not open it up and just hang in there...

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15 hours is really really long for a butt.  I would open it up and check your thermometer.  Make sure it's inserted properly.  I assume you've read up on where to put it, but I'd check it.  What temp is the air at next to the meat?  


I can't guarantee that you've been keeping your temps like I keep mine, but I haven't gone over about 12 hours.


How many times have you opened the lid?


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Well, I'm guessing it's done by now.


How did it turn out?

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Here is the cook.  It took 16 hours for a 8lb butt, which I didn't really expect.  But that is when it hit 190.  It was close to 9:30 pm and was late so I didn't really get to wrap it for a couple hours and let it settle like I ought to have, instead I let it settle with foil for about a half hour and then pulled it and it was effortless which I thought was pretty cool.  Thanks for all the help you guys provided.  It was a fun learning experience.





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Looks like a winner drool.gif

Awesome color


Thanks for the Qview


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Looks great !!!!
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Great Job

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Nice color, looks tasty...JJ

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All's well that ends well, I always say.  :)


Looks delicious, great bark.

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