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Has Anyone Smoked Pork Chops on the Bone?

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Hey Everyone, planning to smoke some pork this afternoon and wanted to get some suggestions.  My wife and I have a WSM Cooker and we've had great success smoking pork shoulders, pork butt etc.  We'd like to try thick cut pork chops on the bone and was wondering if anyone had any advice????  Thanks.

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Smoke them at 225, pull them off at 140, rest for 10 minutes & enjoy!

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Another option  is to give them a "quick" cure with tenderquick, rinse, stuff and smoke. They come out so moist and tender.


heres a cured,  jalapeno cornbread stuffed chop




and a cured, apple sausage stuffed chop









just a couple of ideas.


Good luck with what ever you do. Smoked chops are danged tasty! :)




found another jalapeno cornbread stuffed one...




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The jalapeno cornbread ones look absolutely delicious Cowgirl!


I gotta give that a try!



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I'm speechless, oggling Cowgirl's chops. Those are amaaaazing looking :D

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Wow Cowgirl, They look fantastic. Since you can really do an internal on the stuffed ones about how long did you have them on?

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Thank you Al, Lovin Spoonful and Kevin!

Kevin I still take an internal temp of the center of the stuffing. Make sure it is safe. Sometimes the chops take an hour in my drum and sometimes they take 2 hours in my Memphis Pro. It depends on the thickness of the chop and what else I am cooking at the same time. lol  I've usually got the smoker full of other things when doing these.

They are so moist and tender though... really love chops done this way.



also...the cure adds salt to the meat so no other salt is needed when seasoning.

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Smoke till 140 and enjoy or do a cure on them, this is one I did a while back.  Both are incredible. biggrin.gif I'm not as fancy with the plating but the taste is friggin awesome. 

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