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My First Build Rear Firebox/Reverse Flow ***UPDATE***

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Alright here I go. This is the first grill that I've built and because of the tanks I have and the limited amount of funds. I've decided to go with a rear fire box smoker/kind of reverse flow smoker not really sure if it can be considered that.IMG_20110731_140852.jpg

These are the tanks that I have. One is a forklift propane tank and the other is a air compressor tank. The legs that I am going to use for my smoker are sign post that I originally used for a welding table. The table top is 1/4 inch plate steel that I will use for my tank connector and tuning plate.


This is a picture of the box that connects my tanks. This is the bottom side.IMG_20110806_183750.jpg

This is the top side of my smoker.

One question that I have is do I need to put a damper between the firebox and smoker or should I be able to control the heat with the with the damper on my fire box?


This is a side shot. It is just sitting on a table right now. I'm hoping to get my stand built this week end.

I was thinking about putting a damper right down the middle of the connector. A sliding plate that goes up and down. Let me know what you think.IMG_20110806_191416.jpg

I made my firebox open down instead of up.IMG_20110806_191435.jpg

Another side shot with both doors open. I made the cut at the top a little further back from top dead center so that water will not run into my smoker.IMG_20110806_191358.jpg

Alright, this is what I'm thinking. I want to put a plate inside the smoker that is tight front to back and that has maybe a two inch gap on the left and right side. I want to put my chimney right in the middle a little bit above the cooking grate so that the smoke and heat will travel down the plate to the right and left side up and over the meat to the middle of the smoker and up the chimney.

I think it might work.

       This is all I have for now. I'm hoping I will get more done this weekend. I will you keep you posted and let me know what you think.

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Looks good so far, I'm partial to home made smokers myself. icon14.gif

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  So far I am liking this. I am getting great ideas for when i start my own build in the future.

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heres a reverse flow you could use as a model




happy smoking

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Im thinkink that will be my next build
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Awesome start

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Any ideas on the tuning plate and damper? Should I do a damper or not?
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I built a SFB awhile back and went with tuning plates with great succes. I welded a stationary plate 3/8" thick at the opening where the firebox connects to the smoke chamber and went with 1/4" tuning plates.  The smoker was a 120 gal. propane tank and the firebox was a elevator casing 20" dia.  I used a 6" sprinkler pipe for the chimney and put it on the firebox side.  I thought about installing a baffle  between the fire box and the smoke chamber but decided not to after using it a bit, didn't need it.  My temps stayed within 10 degees from side to side (60"  long smoke chamber).  We  had dial up internet when I built it so I didn't post any pics, now we have hi-speed and I can't figure out how to do it.  Anyway I built it,  cooked on it a few times and put it on Craigslist just to see what would happen, a lady bought it the night I posted it for $1200, I didn't expect to sell it that fast. 

 Interesting build you have going there, will follow your progress.  Hope this helps.

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Thank you that does help. I don't think that I will put a damper between the fire box and smoke chamber, I will try it with out and if it does not work I can just put one in later.

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It looks great keep it coming icon14.gif

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Looks great so far!

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You might have thought I was dead or quit working on my grill, but I'm still going. Ive only had a chance to work on this one day a week for the last two months but I'm almost done. Take a look at it and tell me what you think.

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