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Slow navigating the forums

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Is anyone elde having trouble with the forums being very sloooooooow to move around in?  The smokin \g meat forum is the only forum that I am having a problem with.

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Yup. It's very image heavy, so it takes a while to load on my fast cable connection. Sometimes it's worse than others.

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I'm using Chrome & it seems fine.

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Running exceptionally slow here too

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Mozilla Firefox , site runs great on it

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Chrome and running full speed. 

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Get rid of IE, if that's what you are using.  Chrome or Firefox are much faster in almost every application.

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I'm on Firefox and it's slower than most other websites. Not intolerably so, but it's definitely noticeable. I'm running between 15 and 17 mb per second download speeds, 2-4 mbps uploads.

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On Chrome: and my Roadrunner tends to be slow at this time.


Download Speed: 13224 kbps (1653 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 962 kbps (120.3 KB/sec transfer rate)
Tue Aug 09 2011 20:14:52 GMT-0400 (EDT)


Another test: 7.51 Mbps Download

                    945  kbps  Upload


Yet another   14.51 Mbps Download

                    .93    Mbps Upload


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Has it gotten even slower in the last few days?. SMF has always been slower then any other site I visit, but the last few days it's become almost intolerable. I'm talking 20-25 seconds to navigate to a different page slow.

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I remember when I would wait like 10 minutes for a page to load on dialup.  Now I get mad if it takes more than a few seconds...yeesh we are spoiled.  But yeah, its a little slow sometimes for me too.  

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Never mind, answered my own question. Switched to Firefox and it's not an issue.

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