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I think its the same croc ,I called him by the wrong name or hes at least at the same nature park.I live thousands of miles to the south thankfully. People in the tropics talk fairly matter of fact about them but they become an occupational hazard to fisherman & crabbers. Protected species. Pity about the chainsaw!

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I dont know fish biology but the one we call bonito is a tuna I think. We have this problem because our fish were named by the English who arent a terribly imaginative bunch.Everything they didnt recognise became a trout,cod,mackeral,pilchard etc.If they left them with their Aboriginal names it would be simpler,like this guy its a barramundi.Aboriginal name everybody knows what you mean anywhere in Australia.My buddy "big deal" with a pretty good one 107cm,released prime breeding female.DSC_0119.JPG

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I walked past bonito at the market for years it was only when I  got my house in the fishing village & saw tonnes,literally ,being unloaded by my neighbour that I  figured I should try them. On the day they are caught they BBQ /grill well. My neighbour doesnt eat them,ethnic fish ,he calls them but he has the luxury of catching kingfish as well .Sometimes he poles 10-15 boxes of kingfish at 30 kg to a box $8 kg wholesale $14 retail on top of 50 boxes of bonito. 

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In aboriginal barramundi is large scaled river fish. The whole country knows what your talking about. Major tourist industry built around fishing for them in Northern Aust.Good eating but I think threadfin salmon(looks nothing like a salmon) or golden snapper better on the plate.Often all caught in same place. Heaps of clips on youtube if our interested. I wish I was up there now. Going to do masterstock pork over in pork section.

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Nice Looking Fish !!!!



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That's a whopper! icon14.gif

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