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First QView, Bone-In Shoulder

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Sunday's Smoke.


OK, my first QView, more for me to have a place where I can find the particulars.  Much of this if from various people here, you guys and gals rock!


8.5# shoulder, bone-in

The following rub was added to a base of good-ole French's Mustard: 

1/4 Cup paprika

2T California Garlic Salt,

2T fresh pepper,

2T brown sugar,

2T honey (from my hives),

2T cumin,

2T chili3000 (from Penzy's), and

1T ground dried peppers (Bulgarian Carrot variety from garden; make SURE you clean out the coffee grinder after this or you'll get one blistering cup-o-joe in the morning).




Overnight in the fridge (made a batch of ginger beer to help smoke the next day, can't be gettin' too parched now).  In the smoker @ 5:30am sitting at 225-230 over cherry.  


After an hour, I started spritzing it every 30 minutes with cider vinegar/spiced rum/apple cider (1:2:3).




Temperature profile was something like 103@2hr, 125@3hrs, 144@4hrs, 165@5.5 after starting, wrapped in foil and took it to 195@7.5hrs. 


Put into the cooler, wrapped in the old towels until 10.25hrs after starting.  By then the temperature had peaked and had started to cool off, ending at 188 degrees internal.





Pulled and  put on the "finishin' sauce" made famous by SoFl (thanks).  My 7yo daughter said, "hurry up and give me some bark!" (gotta love those kids.


The smoke ring was OK, I think my internal thermo may be going bad.  It was a little faster than I had anticipated.




Paired with a good cider beverage and a cucumber, tomato, onion salad from the garden...  Very satisfying.  




Thanks for all the inspiration, this has been a great place to lurk and I thought it may be time to contribute as well.  



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welcome1.gif   Glad to have you with us!


Your PP looks delicious!

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Looks great, nice job ! icon14.gif

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I hope mine today is half that good.

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