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Reverse Flow

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I have been out of pocket for the last several months, Glad to be back and smoking again I smoked some ribs, turket leggs, turkey breast, and some pork country sytle ribs. Turned out nice

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Hi gary glad you are  back

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Glad your back, but




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Welcome back. 

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Sorry, I'll post some pictures tomorrow, CRS I guess

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Here are the picturesIMG_1118.JPGIMG_1116.JPGIMG_1117.JPG

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I posted some pictures   Sorry I'm Late

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Boy that's a beauty!

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Thanks, I try to better every time. But -  everytime I get ready to smoke everybody always wants Ribs !!!, Can't blame them I like them too. Last December I did some Pork shoulders that everyone liked. Next time I am going to do at least one brisket and probably some ribs and the grandkids liked the turkey legs.

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Nice rig Gary, Show me more biggrin.gif

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