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How long??

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How long do casings last? I have some that have been in the fridge for over a year - should I toss them and get new??

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If properly salted and refrigerated they do not go bad.  You will have some unpleasent smells coming from them but just rinse, resalt and add a bit of water.  They will be fine.   The smell is muted when you change the water.  Worse thing that can happen is they get dried out or freezer burn.

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thanks al - they have been packed in the salt they came in and sealed in the bag they came in. and they were seriously stinky when we opened them.

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I have some a good bit more than a year.


Still packed in original bag and salt.


They are ok still.


Stanky aint bad..they just need a bath..



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Just keep em salted.


Like tanning a hyde with anti freeze, keeps forever just bout.

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All of the above.

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