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Another Jeff Sauce thread...

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I've read many a Jeff Sauce thread...maybe it should have its own section, accessible for those who've paid or something...


Anyway, I love the sauce...It's particularly great for ribs and chicken...its boldness really compliments the flavor...however...

I'm not that crazy about it on pulled seems a little thick, and a little too bold--like either I don't taste the sauce or that's all I'm tasting.

(btw, I know sauce is heretical to some here...I understand-- I've got the butt down, especially with the finishing mop, but in this neck of the woods sauce is a must and I need something to compliment the butt)

Any help out there?



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You have a PM

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...maybe I should have posted this in the 'sauce' section, but since it's specific to pulled pork, I came here!...

mods, feel free to move if I've err'd!

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I can't disagree more.  I love Jeff's Sauce on PP and everybody that I have ever served it to love it as well.  I do add about 1-2 chopped onions to it.  After I let it cook, I then take an immersion blender and make sure that it is nice and smooth.  I have been thinking about adding a green pepper or two but have not done any PP in a while

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SmokinAl:  :)  that's what I use for me and the faithful...just looking for a tomato based sauce (local preference) for Joe Average who thinks it's not BBQ without it...

Jeremy:  thanks for the tip...I'd love a place where we could all discuss our tweaks of Jeff's...I'm wondering if I use more worchechestershire...

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