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First Chicken..

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so im giving it a go at my first has tyson chicken at .98 lb right now which didnt seem to pricey to me..

i was goin to do a couple of breasts as well..but didnt have time unfortunately, and my whole chicken i was only able to brine for a couple of hours..


so here we go..



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Yup I hit the same special at wal-mart also got wings and legs for this weekend.  Happy smoking!

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Looks like you have a good start. I bet it will not be your last yard bird. Send the q-view of the happy ending.

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Yum yum! I hope it turns out well!
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That is about the best price we hit on chix these days.


You will be happy.  The whole chix is pretty forgiving if you watch your internal temps.


Let us know how it goes!


Good luck and good smoking.

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the chicken is stalling hardcore..ive moved it closer to the sfb..i normally keep it in the middle and it sits at about 250..but i need it to hit 300+...

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Check you pit temps.  I have never had a stall problem with whole chix.


You didn't probe it raw, did you?


Good luck and good smoking.

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well it came out pretty good..had a decent flavor too it..not too strong not too mild..i wish i couldve let it sit in the brine for more than 2 hours..when i went to take pics i noticed my camera had died but luckily i was able to get one with my cell..




my cell is 5 years old and has been thru a considerable amount of abuse, so the pic isnt too can't see it but there is a good faint pink smoke ring..however i dont think the chicken was entirely done as the most inner meat was pink, and more so than the smoke was hot, but im not sure if it were totally cooked thru >:(


not every smoke is a home run, but it sure is fun swinging at the pitches..

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Brine and smoke both give your meat a pink raw look.Thats why everyone here cooks to temp not by time or looks.

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Glad it turned out OK for you.


It looks good in the picture!

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Was just wondering.......................What IT temp did you pull at?

Also, if you stuff the bird it will add to your smoke time.

It looks good for your first bird icon14.gif

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170 is what i pulled it at and i stuffed it with oranges

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