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what type of grate or rack?

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ok First time poster long time reader.  I am getting ready to build my first UDS, While in Menard's last night, I passed by the grill products and saw that they had the 22.5 Porcelain Coated grill grate for cheap, 7.49 cheap.  Could I use this instead of the stainless steel, or whatever comes in the Weber grills?

Also does anyone have a link or part number for what you used for the two air intakes at the bottom and the brass ball valve? I have all three big box stores, Lowes HD, and Menard's, and true value.  Everything I look at is either zinc or galvanized


Is black steel ok to use in these? I know we don't' want zinc or galvanized but have not seen much on black steel. 

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I am just getting started building my UDS and I am using 3/4 inch steel pipe for my intakes, the valve is up to you, it just has to match the pipe you are using.


several guys have used zinc, galvanized is a def no no, if you are worried you can go stainless on hard ware.


hope this helps

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The porcelain grill will be fine. I would use brass for the valves. I don't understand why your HD or Lowe's doesn't carry them. I live in a small town & both stores carry brass valves & nipples. I would not use galvanized.

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Brass valves are ok, they dont get hot enough to worry. The grills I use the weber replacement 22 ish grates. 

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well when I posted this, I had only gone to menards, who is re doing some of their isles.  Went to lowes and HD and found the stuff I need. 


how long do the bottom intakes need to be? 

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