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What did I buy??? Photo challenge

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I was on my way to see the "Ultimate Grill" at the local Bass Pro on Saturday with a friend when we passed a moving sale in our neighborhood.  We were on a time crunch as we couldn't stop, but I spyied the smoker in the photo as we went by. I called my wife and asked her to walk down and ask how much.  She called me back 20 minutes later and said "how's five bucks"?  I said "get it" and she replied "already did".  (God I love her). 


The mystery comes in that there is no name on it anywhere.  I've looked through the library of images in this section and nothing totally matches up.  The wood knob on the center silver opening is the first thing I was looking to match up, but now realize that could have been an owner fix.  The poor thing has obviously not been used in a while, but only damage I can find is the water pan has a small rusted out hole that I think I can fix by simply folding together two pieces of foil so I have a good seal and lining the pan with it.  Grill grates are a bit rusty, so I'll be sanding them off before using.  There is also no external thermometer, so I'll have to invest in one of those (any suggestions)? 


One assembly question, the bottom has both a grate and a round ring with holes in it.  Not 100% sure where to put charcoal and/or wood to get things going.  Ring on top or bottom?  Just stack wood on charcoal For five bucks, think I got a great deal.  Problem is I've only used horizontal smokers in the past (you can see corner of my Char-Griller on the left edge of photo), so I'm feeling like a newbie again.  Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Mark - Keller, TX


Mystery Smoker.jpg

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Looks like an old WSM to me..  (weber smokey mountain)


  Nice score!!



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$5 !!!!!


Wow, What a score!!!


Since you are used to Horizontal, maybe you would like to use this guy mainly for cold smoking, with an AMNS.


Smoked Cheese, Cold or Warm Smoked Bacon, and maybe steaks in there for awhile---Then on to a grill to finish.


Things like that???


Just an idea.



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Great score!


The ring goes on top of the grate & the charcoal goes inside the ring.




minnion 2.JPG

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Could be Craig - looked at some of those images through Google and it doesn't have the exterior plate at the bottom, but the rest (other than the wood handle) matches up.

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GREAT scoreicon14.gif


thats awsome looks like they never used itbeercheer.gif

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Bear - AMNS???    I love smoked cheddar, but haven't tried the cold smoke method before.


Thanks everyone - this is way more response than I had expected...especially in just five minutes.

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AMAZ N SMOKER - Look on the right side of the page and you will see a link - Great product by one of the members here with great customer service

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Yep, That is a WSM just like mine,  First thing I did was cut a hole in the top and put a thermo in right by the vent, but I now use a remote digital at the grate level and don't hardly use the one in the top any more.  Although if I am out there and walk by it is a nice reference.


BTW $5 was a STEAL!!!!  and it looks to be in very good shape too.


I believe I found a cheap replacement water pan at Wally world, It is actually labelled a charcoal pan but was bigger than the original water pan so I don't have to refill it as often.

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Yes, that's a WSM or an excellent knock-off.  Take a tape, measure the diameter across the top.  Should be either 18-19 inches or about 23 inches.  You can get both sizes of grates (charcoal and cooking) at either Lowes or HD quite easily and they're  not very expensive.  A good deal?  At 5 bucks, you've got a great deal.  New the 22.5 cost me $300 plus (but then, that was an excellent sale and a family connection) (upwards to the $400 + range) and the 18 is around $200 - $300 plus, depending on where you buy it.  For under $30 more you can get new grates and be smoking some great meats and veggies.

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This should be a fule miser compared to your sfb.Realy good find.yahoo.gif

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5 Bucks. What a deal. Smart wife you have there.

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It is 18.5" wide.  NW Dave - thanks for the tip on the grates...I might just go that route to save time and headache.  Again, thanks all for jumping in with your comments and advise.  I think I've learned more about smoking and new techniques in the last day than in the last year.

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You, my friend, are the proud owner of a Weber Smoker Mountain, they are a very good smokers and will produce some very good Q, from cold smoking with an AMNS to pizza and all things in between.


Look on the top vent cover and you will see two letters, then click this link and find out what year you have.




Have fun and don't forget the Q-view.



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5 bucks, you lucky dog. Theres a link to AMNS in my signature. 

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you are a lucky man......nicely done.......icon_razz.gif

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I really think that was meant for me, I thought I was the only one to make ridiculous scores like that!?!?!!!???  Sure that doesnt have AKBEAR inscribed in/on it??  LOLOL




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You are a lucky guy!  That is a great smoker.


Good luck and good smoking.

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I was just telling my wife we needed to check out moving sales to score a good smoker at a steep discount.  I don't think we will ever match a WSM for $5.  Nice find and good luck.  Everyone that I know that has one, loves it.

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The 30 mile yard sale is this weekend in Defuniak Springs..


We gonna be on the job early..



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