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to get or not to get??

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have a question for all you electric smoker users...... i have a home built wood smoker now, but am playing with the idea of getting a electric(MES)  just so  when i dont have  a lot of time on my hands to "babysit " the wood smoker i can just use the electric one, my question is.... is there  a big taste difference between the two  on finished product? im afraid i will get it and there it will sit because i like the wood fire better? what are your opinions ??

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I love charcoal smokers but am not able to use one right now so I have a watt burner "homemade" and have produced some great Q. It is different than charcoal but I'm still happy with my outcomes. So yes I would get one. 

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If your used to charcoal.I would recomend propane.It's fire with a control knob on the other end for instant responce.You dont half to wait on element to heat up or worry about rain as much no electric to shock you .You can take it tailgateing or camping.Do a search mes not heating .Then do one on a gosm not heating.

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There is a difference in taste.

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I love the taste I get with my MES.

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