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looking for a good cheese tutorial? final pics

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gonna smoke cheese for the first time     anyone have a good tutorial thread?


thanks in advance

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I would have thought you smoked cheese before, this is old and I smoke longer with a AMNS now.

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thanks meat!!!!   i'm gonna do my first load tomorrow

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Go Rick Go!



No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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how you doing todd?   i'll be using the

" a maze in" for this one    with some apple or cherry magic dust!


gonna throw a big tin of ice in the gosm also since its about 200 degrees outside

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I just made some smoked cheddar last week and for a 4 hour smoke you will have to add more ice about halfway through. 


It was over 90 here & I had both ends of the AMNS dust lit in my Weber kettle, but was able to keep the temp inside between 90-100.


The cheese sagged a little but never melted at all.


Have fun Rick!

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Hi Rick!!!

I got a step by step if you want to check it out---Used my first AMNS on it.

Check out the cheese taste testing results & scores too, at the second link.


Cheese step by step:




Cheese taste testing party 2 weeks later (with results & scores):




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thanks bear,   reviewed them early this morning and got a cheese load in the GOSM right now

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allright so everything started out fine i had the cheese sweated and the amazin flowing, filled up my wood box with ice to keep it cool,   but then two hours in i got anline conference call which had to happen   getting my next project lined up and we all know construction jobs are few and far between so that took priority,, but the entire call all i could think about was how is the cheese doing and is the ice melted........     anyway i digress



heres a few pics

got a few different kinds to see how they will do



ready to go in



everything loaded and in place,  next time i will keep the cheese closer to the ice  but didnt want to put the smoke under the ice in case as it melted it could put out the embers and didnt want to put the cheese to close to the smoke



aint that pretty   reminds me of incense    




after 4 and a half hours,    my jalapeno jack didnt take to good  but it smells great and after handling i didnt want to wash my hands it smelled so good



the underside grate marks



bagged and tagged





overall im happy, but would have liked to have nice clean rectangles,,next time,   it does smell great and is going to be hard to keep it in the fridge for two weeks!!!!


Thanks for looking


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Looks great Rick, your gonna love it. It's hard to resist the two weeks. icon14.gif

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You can use a small screen like for baking pizza


Looks great!

Great Color!


It's just so tough to smoke when it's so hot outside.




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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I bet it still taste good. Nice first time.

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Looks good Rick & I bet it will taste even better.


Next time you may want to try putting the ice directly under the cheese.


It will keep it cooler.

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That looks so delicious. My wife and I loooooooovvvvve smoked cheeses. I haven't

done it yet, but Laurie just saw the pics and it's been moved up on the list :)


Thanks Rick...James


SmokinAl, another great idea for the Nov. gathering? How can you go wrong with smoked cheese!

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Awe Man---That cheese looks sooo tasty!!!


Seems the smoker is a little hotter toward the rear than in the front. My MES is too.


If I could make a suggestion,

It might work better to freeze water in a jug, instead of using loose ice. (See Below)

I think it creates the cold, without all of the added moisture.



Thanks for the views,






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Man I don't know if that is going to taste very good, you should send it to me for proper disposalbiggrin.gifdrool.gif

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great idea bearcarver

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