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got busy today....Installed the therms. Got these from agri supply.. $15 each... Real happy with these therms. High quality. They are the same quality as an ashcroft IMHO..... Made the firebox grate.......All thats left is the smoke stack damper. Havent decided what to do there....


Drilled 4 1" holes



Installed 1/2" coupling halves. these were stainless steel






Firebox grate





This ones for you Foam........................










Gatta find some wood to season it tomorrow.. It might accidentally have a a39.gif part in the corner somewhere


Thanks for looking



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That's lookin awesome Joe.
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Nice job, Joe looks great



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Looks great, I'm hoping to finish mine this weekend minus the paint.
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Nice work.

I am just getting ready to mount the therms on mine. What did you use to weld in the stainless coupling halves?

Love the bottle opener. Now I am going to have to copy that.

Don't need no stack damper, just toss a bucket over it when not in use.

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Very nice Joe... how many cans of paint did you spray on it... Just for the next guy to know...
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Originally Posted by boykjo View Post


Drilled 4 1" holes





Thanks for looking




Are the holes so you can peek inside the smoker without opening the doors?


Lookin mighty good. Great placement on that opener!

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Originally Posted by DaveOmak View Post

Very nice Joe... how many cans of paint did you spray on it... Just for the next guy to know...

Thanks every one..... Don't want to shove the build down every ones throat.. just want to post all of it so other people can get ideas from it.....


Right now there are 2 coats and used 13, 15oz cans. Its easily going to take the 10 cans I have left....There is some flaking going on in spots but we have had some torrential down poors that may have caused it.. Mostly on top....down the road I might have it sandblasted and powder coated.....

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well finally my smoker was put to the test and it passed with flying colors....... I am what you call a happy little kid with a new bike..... I finished the smoke stack damper and fired it up.... added a chimney of charcoal and threw on some dry oak my neighbor had and seasoned the smoker. Sprayed the grates and chamber with some off brand Pam and she was rolling easily at 250 to 275 with little effort. Threw on some boneless pork chops and these pork rib eye chops.. what ever they are.... they were cheap and looked good.. Oak is not a favorite wood of mine to smoke with but it came out good.


I decided to go with a tear drop top. Nothing like using left over scrap. here's the cut out from the firebox. it measured perfect to use it....

laid out the pattern



I am not a good cutter with a torch but this came out pretty good for a change




Welded a 3/8 inch bolt to the inside of the pipe and located the hole for the damper. Installed damper with a washer and lock nut and added a rod to reach the dang thing...





first heat



added the oak and started to see TBS





sitting at 250




seasoned the smoker.. the racks got some smoke color



not a great picture but they were taking on some good color



right before they came out



Plated with some broccoli and shoe peg corn.....



She's ready to hit the road next week and make the NC gathering...... I planned to have it ready to smoke for the gathering and I made it..... whew..... As I wipe the sweat off my


Next up will be the shelves on each side and the fenders but I'm taking a break for a while.....


Again, Thanks for looking and happy smoking




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Now that's a beautiful Picture,  Great Job     points1.png




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Congrats on almost being done! It looks great! When are you going to start on mine? biggrin.gif
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Originally Posted by boykjo View Post





Again, Thanks for looking and happy smoking





Have ya had her on the highway yet? Hows she pull? I guess I should ask after the NC gathering.

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Meat looks great and you did quite well with that fire wrench! :yahoo:

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Great build, love the TBS and temp control.

Top notch Q-view!


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Beautiful picture...... great smoker..... Thin Blue Smoke.... enjoy the 10th anniversary of SmokinMeatForums.....

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Fantastic Job, Joe!!!Thumbs Up


That thing is Sweet !!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifLove That TBS!!!Thumbs UpThumbs Up


This is an Fun Build Thread!!





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Damn, now I am Hungry! Nice work!

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Go Joe... Go Joe... Go Joe... Haven't got much done on mine... been concentrating on our next race in June .... If we don't qualify then I will be back on it steady ...

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This is one terrific smoker built by Joe.


I got to see it and taste the results of all his hard work at the NC Gathering yesterday.


All the small details were addressed in making this a great unit.


Larry        :points:




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