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I just call today, April 17th because they said the part was on back order but would send me one as soon as they come in, thats was 3 months ago.  Today they said the 92930 was an obsolete grill and they have no charcoal tray available and they do not intend to get any more in, so bottom line is no Dice.  Maybe someone could make one but you aren't going to get any thru Royal Oak.

I was really happy they would send me the charcoal tray when I asked for it on 3/16/2013. A month has passed by and I was wondering if they ever sent it at all. Now after seeing your message I see that I should never expect the shipment to arrive. Guess my next purchase will not be a Royal Oak Grill as their customer service promises do not mean anything. I will look for another brand grill to buy for this summer. Any suggestions?

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I have had my Royal Oak grill for 2 years and my charcoal tray rotted out too. Does anyone know anything to replace it. I love my grill and I can't see buying a new one when it is in great shape except the tray.
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Ok, way late here, but here is an option. I had the same problem, then went looking around in Walmart today. I ended up buying 2 88-cent 13"x9" cookie trays, which fit almost perfectly into the bottom of my approximately 18" charcoal grill. I just had to slightly overlap them. Not a perfect solution, but it turns out to be a cheap, "pretty good" solution!
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Even later. I have the same grill in which the charcoal pan rusted out. I found what seems to be a great solution. I went to a restaurant supply house and bought a full size sheet pan that has perforated small holes. $12. I measure and drilled the screw holes close to each end just before the lip. It is about 1" shorted and 1" diameter wider. Because of size does not raise as high. I have grilled 2 times with it and it's working good. Ask for perforated full size sheet pan.
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