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Took A Tri-Tip to 135* for the first time! - Page 2

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Looks awesome. Cooked perfectly.

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Hey thanks for the kind words! Sorry for the late response....been busy fixin vehicles and tryin to cool off afterwards.

I took the other roast to work with me and sliced it real thin for some killer  cold roast beef sammies. Tri-Tips are an awesome cut. Anybody near Toledo is welcome to come to my work and pick some up, I have them on hand all the time now.Regular price is 5.49lb for cut and trimmed steak. whole untrimmed would be consideribly cheaper!




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Im a huge tri-tip fan! havent done it that way either.

But gonna throw one on at the end of tomorrows brisket.

Itchin to get the latest $ meat purchase from the butcher all out in the smokehouse.

Check out my new line of smokers!

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I love a good tri tip and yours looks awesome!
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Looks wonderful... I did some London Broil the other day very similar, pulled at about 140 and it was very tender and juicy.

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Wish we had them around here. Look great.

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I almost licked the screen at those last two pics!!!


OMGOODNESS do that look awsome and I bet they smelled even more divine!!!

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Incredible looking!  I am a rare to med. rare guy too.  I will definitely be trying this.


Question... If I wanted finished it on a hot grill to get it crispy yet still have it 135 med. rare when finished, what would be the right temp to smoke it to first?

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Question, you pulled then @ 135 and then let them rest with no foiling correct? I love tri-tip but read most hated doing them on the smoker but after wipping the drool from the key board, I want to throw some on this weekend with a pork shoulder so I have game plan A and B going.  Great job and awsome Q-View.


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Vegas, tri tips are great almost any way they are cooked.  I think the reason so many people grill them is that it is in the historical tradition of the Santa Maria tri tip, which is the preparation generally credited with making the cut famous.


No rules against smoking them in my house, but I do grill more of them than I smoke.


Good luck and good smoking.

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Nice Job My friend!


My first attempt at Tri Tip was a disaster....Shoe Leather

Your's looks fantastic!




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Great looking tri-tip. I too like mine around 140ish with some KS&FCP, a little thyme and a little rosemary. Tri-tips have a wonderfull beef flavor that needs very little enhancing. Good job


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