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1st attempt at pulled chicken

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And I was really happy with the results! I must apologize because I only have a pic of the finished product and none of the process. I began this morning after working all night, so I was a little tired and forgot the camera. But here is the finished meat and I'll detail the process below.

Brined two 6 pounders in apple juice, water, Splenda brown sugar kosher salt, and sugar free syrup. Left them in for 6 hours then rinsed and patted dry.
Brushed with evoo and rubbed with Jeff's rub. Placed them each on a can of Dr Pepper and placed them over a water pan on a 275 degree Webber Kettle with apple chunks producing nice thin blue smoke.
2 hours later they were 173 in the breast, so I wrapped them in tin foil and let them rest in a cooler for an hour.
In the mean time, I combined equal parts sweet baby rays and dr pepper and simmered it on the stove.
Chicken was pulled and rubbed with the skin before I discarded it. BBQ sauce was added and the rest is history. Wife said it was the best chicken she ever had!
Thanks for viewing!
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Looks great. 

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Looking good from here

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Looks awesome!


We do pulled chicken all the time.


It's my favorite way to eat chicken.


Here's a variation you may want to try (not too healthy, but good)



Pulled chicken & bacon

My all time favorite is smoke the chicken at 225. While it's smoking fry up some bacon until crispy. Take the bacon & put on a paper towel, but leave the grease in the pan. When the chicken is done, take the skin off chop it into little pieces & put it in the fry pan in the bacon grease, fry it until it's crispy. Pull the chicken just like you would pull PP & put in a large mixing bowl. Chop the bacon up & combine the bacon & skin with the pulled chicken. Toss them together & serve.

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Thank you very much! Smokin Al, that sounds great, I will try it that way next time and let you know what we thought.
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Darn that looks good.  drool.gif

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Congrats on making the WIFE happy,,, Thats what its all about now isnt it??? heheheee

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Looks Great from here !!!!


Nice Job!



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I never thought of "Pulled Chicken"

Looks Awesome!




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Pulled chix is a favorite at my house.  Frozen chix is very versatile for a no fuss meal when the other half needs a break.  Actually, she makes some gourmet stuff from that, then I get to take the credit for smoking the chix!


Good luck and good smoking.

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Well your Q-view looks good but like everything else here it take practice. You will learn how and when to take pictures believe me. Your still kinda new here and you will soon be taking picture of the whole process and just wait till the wife starts making funof you when you start taking picture of your food. Heck I have been here so long my wife helps me now.

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Looks Great, I have done pulled chicken in a crock, usually use half breast meat, half thigh meat, cant wait to do it on the smoker.

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nice job icon14.gif

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Your PC looks great,

Thanks for sharing thumb1.gif

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