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Painted Lang?

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I have just recently purchased a Lang 60 deluxe and I want to paint it to match my black GMC Yukon. Has anyone here had their Lang professionally painted? Not only will think look much better than the flat black paint it already is but I would image it would make the external clean up a snap and "rust proof" the external portions of the smoker. We all eat with our eyes and nose before we actually taste the food so a great looking smoker would really get folks attention. Pics? Thoughts? Suggestions? Thanks in advance y'all! Just keep smoking

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How about getting it good and hot then coating with a nice thick layer of Crisco,  kind of building a cure on the outside?  Would that put a shine on it?



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It's your call.

You can spray the whole thing with manifold paint. It's gonna bubble, flake and peel away from grease that gets in the steel, but the parts of the frame that don't get hot will last awhile.

I recommend starting with a flat black, then hitting the spots where the paint burns off with crisco or bacon grease and let nature take it's coarse.


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