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Family Reunion Pulled Pork w/Q-View

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I have a family Reunion coming up in a couple of weekends. I asked how to best cook this ahead of time on a previous thread, thanks for all the great advice.  Yesterday I cooked the butts and as suggested, pulled, bagged and froze.  Here are the pics of the day's work,




2011-07-24 06.50.35.jpg


I used Jeff's rub the day before and let rest in the Fridge overnight.



2011-07-24 08.25.55.jpg


After a night in the Fridge and ready for the Q.  Plan is to take off heat at 165* and wrap in Aluminum foil, leave on until 200-205 Internal Temp.  Let rest in cooler wrapped with Towels for at least 2 hours, pull around 190*.



2011-07-24 19.50.35.jpg


This is right after spending a little over 2 hours in the cooler and removing foil.  Temp remained up while in cooler, 192* when I removed foil. The one on left fell apart as I took the foil off as you can see.



2011-07-24 20.04.14.jpg


I applied a modified version of SoFla's Finishing Sauce and pulled.  Placed in 3 lb double zip lock bags and placed in Freezer.  I will take freezer bags out a couple days before the event and reheat in simmering water as suggested.  Thanks for looking and I hope you all have a great day!





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Great job!


The PP looks delicious!


I'm sure you will be a big hit at your reunion!


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Looks great!!


 We love PP here!!


  Don't forget the coleslaw and beans!!



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Looks like you did a great job from here...let us know how much every one enjoyed it!

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  Great looking bark. Nice job!





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What they said X2. Yes, do lets us know how it goes and what your

guests think. It looks smashing!

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Great when a plan comes together. thumb1.gif

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You are going to be the hit of the party with that beercheer.gif

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looks great nice job

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Looks great man- remember it should be heate in simmering water not boiling. Good luck with the reunion  

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Thanks all for the positive feedback.  I sneaked a bit for lunch yesterday and it was pretty darn good. I will make Jeff's BBQ sauce and a cole slaw recipe I found here the day before the event.  I"ll do a test run this weekend, my wife is going out of town and I have my childhood friends coming up for Golf, Beer and BBQ.  Should be fun.  I will do the Santa Maria Style Tri Tips on Saturday night, I'll post the pics.


Thanks again and have a great week.

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OMG! Now I`m hungry! Great Job!

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Nice love the bark looks yummy!

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Wow that looks good, love the bark

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Pulled pork is my favorite. Looks good,  great Q-view

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Looks great! I love pulled pork.

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Looks great yep dont forget the coleslaw. Should be a fun weekend...

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hmmm, never thought about doing it a few days before and freezing it. that takes the pressure of the day and lets you enjoy your time, great idea


and great looking PP!!!

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sweet looking PP....congrats on making the banner

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Thank you all again for positive feed back.  I did a test run this weekend on the re-heat and everything went exceptionally well - very moist and tasted as if I just smoked it that day.  I will most certainly smoke extra PP from now on and will keep some in the freezer for quick dinners.


Thank you Admin for placing the pics on the banner, quite an honor!

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