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Elk Roast

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I started with a 3 lb elk roast seasoned with a prime rib rub i got from my butcher no he wouldnt tell me whats in it go figure.Then i cut some baby red potatoes in half.Sliced some onions,red,green,yellow,orange bell peppers.Seasoned with cajun shake and tossed with butter.Did a bacon weave for the roast.Fired up the smoker set to 180 for 1 hr.Then bumped it up to 300 degrees till i got an internal temp on the roast of 145.Pulled the roast foiled to rest half an hr.Pulled the potatoes time to eat enjoy the view.  IMG_0253.JPGIMG_0258.JPGIMG_0259.JPG

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Perfect looking plate, maybe if you bring him a slice he will start divulging his secrets. 

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Looks great!!



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Fantastic!  Looks cooked to absolute perfection!  Looks-Great.gif


I just fumbled across an elk sirloin from last year's hunt tucked back in the freezer.  I'm gonna plan a repeat of what you just did (minus the secret rub, of course -- unless you can bribe him between now and then)!

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WOW that looks good David!



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