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Ancho Chili Brined Loin, Basil, Oregano & Rosemary Rub, Apple/Pecan Smoke: Q-View (FINISHED)

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Hey all! Time to smoke Sunday dinner!


Last time I had a chance to cook a loin, I did a higher heat indirect in my weber gold kettle with a couple half loins, and that was freekin' tasty. Jeez, I think that was last year??? Haven't had my hands on one since, so gotta smoke one today.


Today's victim is 20+ hours in a highly concentrated brine solution...the salt content is 3/4 cup in 3.5 qts water, while the total spice content is based on my ancho chili pastrami brine/cure. I was going to make pastrami from a packer the other day, with brine solution in the fridge for a day and a half ahead of time...then pastrami today. I didn't want to freeze the brine, so here we go. Oh and, no, the cure was not added to the brine...he-he-he! That would be canadian bacon, without enough time to cure...uuuuuugh!!!!!!!!!!!


OK, where's that loin? It's in there, really, it is...(w/flash):




(w/o flash):





Time for a rinse, scoring the fat and a nice dry rub consisting of:



2 Tbls ground black pepercorn

2 Tbls minced garlic

1 Tbls paprika

1 Tbls ground rosemary

1/2 Tbls ground thyme

1/2 Tbls ground oregano

1/2 Tbls ground sweet basil

2 Tbls kosher salt 



(just another last minute, down to the wire, gotta have something to put on this loin)



This board is 15" x 21", just for reference:










Rubbed the bottom first, then, turned on edges, scored and rubbed, then scored/rubbed the fat cap:



















I had to bulk it up quite a bit to fit diagonally onto the Smoke Vault 24 grate so it wouldn't be too close to the cabinet...dang thing is big...didn't weigh it (case purchase from Sam's w/o label), but probably over 10lbs:











So, let's see here...smoke is on @ 12:30 pm, 225* for now, wet pan, apple/pecan chunks, fat cap up, with a ton of what should prove to be another tasty dry rub to compliment the ancho chili-based brine soaked loin. I'll stick a probe into each end in a couple hours and depending on readings, I may bump the chamber temp to about 275* for a nice bark on this loin.


I'm thinkin' a couple hours @ higher temp to get that crispy crust, however, I can pull about 400-450* for a quicker crisping if internals are too high. Should work out great either way with the heavier than normal fat cap I had on this one. With having to bulk this thing up to fit the grate kinda makes it difficult to estimate times...too many variables to consider now because of changing the cross-sectional densitiy by making it thicker, which in turn changes shrinkage rates to unkown values, so I won't even attempt a wild guess on finished time....we'll just smoke 'er up and see where it goes.


90 minutes in, and time I get off my duff and see how the Vault is doing with today's dinner...


Back with more later!


(hate to post in progress, but I had a rough post yesterday with the briskets, and don't want a repeat)


Thanks all!



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Eric it look great so far i will wait for the follow up


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Great Looking start!  popcorn.gif

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Looking great so far, that's one I need to try. icon14.gif

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2.25 and 4 hour updates...


Thanks guys, I think this is my 1st brined loin. I've been brining loin back ribs and butts for a few months, and the results have generally been excellent. I did have one non-brined butt that made me wonder if brining was helping...I'd have to go back and look that one over again and see if there's something else that could have changed things...don't think there was though.


I stabbed probes in @ 2.25 hours and temps were 108/104* (left/right) with the slightly smaller end being on the left...color is getting a bit deeper already...probes are in at least 6" deep, running into the center of the loin:




At 4 hours, color is darker and meat is beginning to sweat, temps were 141/139* and the scoring on the fat cap is begining to open up a bit more now, so it's cookin' right along:







Easy does it...couple more hours to go...I may have to wait 'til the very end to crank the temps for crisping it up a's so hot here right now that nobody's very enthusiastic about food right now, so I'll try to hold it off until about 7 pm (6.5 hours)...we'll see if it will make it that long. I may need to drop chamber temps to around 210* to slow it down a bit so it will stretch out for that long before it's ready. But then, I also have to consider the plateau...either it will or it won't either it's a long one, or it's short...just never know 'til it happens...or doesn't. I'll probably just take readings every 15 minutes so I can see what's going on in that creature, then I can have a better idea. If it looks like there's no stall by the time it hits 150* or so, I'll drop it back...shooting for 160/157 (left/right) for finish temps...I know, I can go lower, but the family's a bit squeemish, so med/well for our pork here. Still juicy and tender, so I'm not worried...if they're happy, I'm happy.



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OH BABY!!!  The finish is upon us!


Couldn't believe this when I saw, I took advantage of the situation and yanked it out to rest:




I didn't get the opportunity to do anything with the crust, as everyone's tune changed about dinner, so we kicked the loin out of the hot-box 30 minutes early:







OK, now, watch for the smoke ring...and juices...and, oh, I'll just shut my happy and well-fed loin-hole now:































Nice tart/tanginess from the rub, the brine was there too, of course more in the background, and a very light smoke...mmm-mmm-mmm. Good thing I have 4 more whole loins in the freezer...


Crap, I just realized, this concludes my weekend of smoke...back to the grinder on monday...LOL!!





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Loin-Hole....laugh1.gif Looks great. icon14.gif

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You still at it, Eric?!?!?!


Great looking loins!!!!


Awesome BearView Too!!!


Thank You Sir !!



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It looks great Eric soft and juicy

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Another great post Eric!


The loin looks perfect!


The crust on the outside looks delicious!

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