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Reheat Pulled Pork for 20, at a Park

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Good morning, I am planning a family reunion in a couple of weeks. My Mom loves my pulled pork and asked if I would make this as the main course for the Reunion.  What an honor and of course I said yes.  I used the handy search tool and found great advice on reheating pulled pork. 


My questions is on how to reheat in a park setting, which is where the reunion will be held.  I will have my 3 burner Camp Chef propane stove and the park has several grills.  I wanted to smoke this weekend, pull and freeze until a couple days before the reunion, where I will store in frig.  What is the best way to reheat once I get there?


Thanks in advance and I hope you all have a great weekend!

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I just vacuum seal my pulled pork and freeze it and when I want to eat it I just pull it out of the freezer and reheat it in boiling water bag and all. A lot of people also use a steamer pot to reheat theirs but I don't have one of those. The boiling water has worked the best for me. If you have a big kettle you could fit many bags in there at one time. Once its warm remove it from the bags and put it in a warming dish with some of your saved juices to keep warm while you are serving it. Don't forget a finishing sauce to serve on the side. Everyone seems to love a good finishing sauce.

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What Ross said!

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Good advice offered by everyone 


any reason not to freeze before pulling?  Then you can reheat to 300 or so in the oven at home, wrap in towels and pack tightly in an ice chest?  You an pull once you get to the event.  How much time from when you leave the house to when you want to eat?   All depends on how long it will take to start eating and how involved you want to be with finishing the dish on site.  Sometimes the show is valuable. 


Ross and Al are giving you the best, most reliable advice but if you are like me when it comes to family reunions I'd rather be standing over a BBQ pit or pulling pork and making sandwiches for people!


Sounds good don't forget to let us know what you decided to do and post some pics of grandma eating a sandwich for us!

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^^^    What they saidbiggrin.gif

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We run a concession trailer and I will smoke 20 or 30 butts at a time.  I end up with over 100lbs of pulled meat and vacum pack it at 2lbs per package.  I reheat it just like they said in boiling water then put it in a warming pan and it works great.  You could use one off those warming pans that has the cans or candles under it to keep the meat warm.  We apply a finishng sauce but don't do it until we sell a samdwich.  Good luck.


Mike S..

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Hum, I'm seriously wondering if it would be best to freeze it before pulling it.  Seems it would keep the meat more moist, however it would take a longer time to defrost, and you should reheat the entire thing before pulling.


There, guess I answered that.  Pull then freeze.  Cryovac for the win!

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Having been a caterer for a while I totally agree with Ross. Make sure whatever bags you use are rated for boiling - if not you can heat them at a simmer for a little longer.  I don't not like the idea of reheating an entire roast while  whole. You will dry it out for sure. I have done this for years using the bags in hot water.  

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What Ross said. icon14.gif

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Thank you all for the great advice.  The butts have been in the Fridge all night with rub and will go on the smoker this morning.  I'll take some pics and post the Q-view. 


Thank you again,



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