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Beans Bacon And Cheese

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Just a quick Monday dinner. Made a pot of navy beans with a smoked chicken stock, tossed in some bits and pieces from my home smoked bacon and some home smoked monterey jack cheese. There was more cheese added after the pic, lots more. Enjoy! 



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I'd eat that. Great combo.

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Oh yeah...that looks good!



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I'll take a bowl of that!

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Maybe 2, count'em 2 bowls for me............

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Looks Great !!!


That's funny---I looked at the picture first!!!


I thought, "That looks good, but it needs more cheese"----Then I read what you wrote.----PERFECT !!





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What type beans did you use ...looks good from here......ok im a DA...i saw it was navy....


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With bacon, cheese and beans, how in heck could a person go wrong--well done and looking delicious!!




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Posts # 2-8 it was a great meal.icon14.gif Toss in a crock pot and pick up some corn bread on the way home. 

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