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Eric's Corn Chowder

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I didn't know where to post this and I wanted all you guys to see it. This is by far the best corn chowder I have ever tasted. Eric (forluvofsmoke) posted the recipe yesterday. I made it today. I changed a couple of things to make it a little different, but this recipe is absolutely awesome just the way it is. I won't go through all the steps because he has everything listed in his thread. All I have is Q-view. I put a couple of photo's in because the lighting seems to be changing, so I wanted you guys to see just how good this looks



Corn chowder 7-18-11 1.JPG



Corn chowder 7-18-11 3.JPG



Corn chowder 7-18-11 4.JPG



Corn chowder 7-18-11 5.JPG


Thanks Eric! If you guys get the chance you should try this. Thank you for looking!

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That looks great!


Here is the thread mentioned above, in case anybody was interested.

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Looks delicious Al!!



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It looks great. I just saw Eric's post & now yours. I will give this a try for sure. Thanks

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double awesome Al........................icon14.gif

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That looks darn good Al, thanks for the Bear view. drool.gif

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Didn't take you long to do it Al !!!


Looks Great !!!  Nice BearView too!


If you're gonna follow somebody, you can't lose if it happens to be Eric!!!





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Jeez, Al, I got busy researching here, and I just went back through the posts and caught the reply where you mentioned going for it, so I jumped back on to find this.


Like Bear said, you didn't waste any time at all! I see you added some CBP (at least that's what it looks like) to finish it all up, and depending on tastes, can take it a bit higher with even more desired/enhanced flavors. My wife put a little on her's last night, too, while I opted for just the natural flavors of it all. But, that's the great thing about can basically make them to personal preference and you'll never be disappointed. Simple or more complicated flavors and'll all be great eating.


Yea, the ol' camera issues...been there...the second pic is probably the best for representation of the coloring of the base ingredients, while the third really highlights the golden brown sausage crumbs and pink hues of the shrimp...that's pretty cool, Al! Lookin' good!


Glad you like it, brother! BTW, you're most welcome for the recipe, and apparently the inspiration. Hey, you better thank Judy for giving you whatever little nuge it was that got you started on this, as well.



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Thanks Guys!


Thanks again Eric for a great recipe!

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You said i do and you did well done Al it looks as good as Eric  one and both looks tasty.gif

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Thanks Ahron!

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Looks great Al. Love a good potato corn chowdah.

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Thanks Scott!


Having a bowl for breakfast.


Good stuff!

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Originally Posted by SmokinAl View Post

Thanks Scott!


Having a bowl for breakfast.


Good stuff!

Ha-ha! We also found out that with, or, without smoke, it's even better the next day.




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Originally Posted by forluvofsmoke View Post

Ha-ha! We also found out that with, or, without smoke, it's even better the next day.




Your right Eric. I had a bowl for dinner last night & getting ready to have another this morning for breakfast. It's good stuff!

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