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Two Smoked Pork Butt's in the MES Qview

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My wife, daugher and I went to Sam's club and purchased to vacum sealed 9 lb. pork bone in butt roasts from Sam's club on Thursday afternoon.  When we got home we threw together a general rub consisting of pork rub, brown sugar, paparika, and Mrs. Dash tomato basil seasoning.  Here is my wife and daughter rubbing down the pork.  Yellow mustard first, then the rub.IMG_4998.JPG


We then wrapped the roast tightly in saran wrap and placed it in the fridge for 48 hours.

I removed the roast 48 hours later on Saturday night and let the roast sit at room temperature

for almost an hour.  Meanwhile, I heated up my MES to 250 degrees.  I put the roasts in the smoker and put a mixture of apple juice, sangria and beer in the water pan.  I smoked the two pork buts from 9:00 P.M. till 5:00 a.m. adding a mixture of apple and cherry wood to the smoker pan throughout the cooking time.  After 8 hours I reduced the heat to 230 degrees and after a total of 15 hours the two butts registered 200 degress.  I placed the two butts in a cooler for an hour to let it rest.  Here are the results:






The bone pulled right out from the meat........


Meat pulled apart easily and was moist, tender and delicious.  The bark was sweat and savory with a hint of heat.




Who ever knew pulled pork could be so good.  Ate some and froze some for a family get together next weakend.  OOOOOH it's so good!!

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That look outstanding, nice job. points.gifI have to remember the tomato / basil next time I hit the store. 

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I foiled at 180 degrees......

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Looks great!


Nice job!


You know it's good when the bone comes out clean like yours did!




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Makin' me hungry!  Nice job!

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