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Pork Butt & Pork Roasts for Ham with MES & AMNPS

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The smoking project for Friday was to do up some pork butts and pork roast that we have had in the freezer for too long and I wanted to have some chopped up ham around to make scalloped potatoes, soups, hot dishes, omelets… or whatever else comes to mind.  We already have some pulled pork in the freezer so this seemed like the best use for the butts. 

I started last Saturday and injected them with Curley’s Brown sugar cure and let them cure in the fridge until Friday. Rinsed them off really good and let them set while I got the Masterbuilt ready to go. Loaded them and started the drying process at 140º for about 1 or so until they seemed tacky enough to take smoke.




I bumped up the smoker to 150º for a couple of hours and started adding some smoke with the new toy that we ordered from Todd. We used the A-MAZE-N-Pellet-Smoker and had great results. We do have one of his saw dust smokers, but just had to have the pellet smoker also! We were late getting the smoke on so we decided to light it at both ends and let it go. We filled it with the Maple pellets, it was a wonderful smell!! Thanks again Todd for the pellets!




After the butts and roasts took on enough smoke, I bumped the smoker to 190º and finished cooking them until they reached an internal temp of 155º. Here is a pic about an hour before I started pulling them. 




On a bad note a terrible storm started to roll in before I was 100% done smoking so I had to pull the smoker in while it was down pouring so I didn’t get any final pics at this stage. I pulled them and let them cool a bit before putting them in the fridge overnight to rest. I used the Chef Choice slicer to speed the job up a bit – I sliced and cut it up and got it ready for the freezer. Here is one cut up with the other 6 ready to hit the slicer.




Here I have 8 separate containers with about 3 ½ to 4 cups of diced ham ready for future projects. 



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Duplicate post... Oops!

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Looks great ! drool.gif

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This was my wife's (Tatonka3A2) smoke. The thread was posted under my user id by error... sorry to my wife!

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Looks great!

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Just pulled a Pork Roast a while back and put two more of them in the freezer. Came out just as good as a butt.

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Nice Job Mossy!!!


Looks like you guys are stocked up real good now!!!


All looks Great !


That AMNPS is really something, isn't it ?!?!


Thanks for showing,


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