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a new masterbuilt problem

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After making my 2nd burner repair (went to high temp connectors this time) I'm having a problem with the unit not shutting off. No matter what temp or time that I program it for it goes as high as it can without ever shutting off.  I bought a new control panel but the same thing happens. Called Masterbuilt's customer most of you know that was a mistake. All the very curt young woman would say is that it was the control panel. I asked if I could get a wiring diagram and she said that is not a customer option whateve the **** that means.  So, do any of you folks have a suggestion where I should start looking??? Thanks

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First of all welcome to SMF. You should go over to the roll call section & introduce yourself so we can all give you a proper SMF welcome.


How old is your MES? Is it a 30 or 40? What size heating element does it have? Your problem is one that I have not heard of before. Maybe one of the MES gurus will be along shortly to help you.

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It is mes 40 bought at Sams about 3 years ago. Had the same issues with the burner that seems to be an engineering flaw with ME. Their customer service sucks so I was happy to find this forum. Hope someone can help.

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Their customer service has been nice to me the times I called..


I made a trip to the handy dandy search tool up top and found a bunch of info..


Here it is!! 


  Have a great day!!



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Some member was kind enough to provide this to me some time back.  Payin' it to speak........




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Thanks Dave...just what I needed!

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