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Ted's pot roast recipe

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My favirute cut for this is top blade roast, but any pot roast cut will do fine.


marinade overnight in a bag with:
Olive oil
black mustard seeds
green bell pepper flakes
chipotle or smoked paprika
cayenne pepper
dried onion flakes
black pepper
you don't need much salt because the broth has salt also


(Mustard seeds toasted up in oil is common in Indian cooking and adds a great richness.  I think the flavor of dried green bell peppers works excellently with beef).

the next night:

sear/brown all sides of the roast in a roasting pot over medium heat on the stovetop, about 4-6 minutes per side, in all the marinade spice/oil from the bag. Don't let the spice/oil burn.

take out meat and set aside.
cook 1 small chopped onion and one chopped carrot and celery stalk and some brown sugar in the meat drippings and marinade. More vegetables than that and it starts to become vegetable stew.  Add a little bit of water if you need to keep this from burning.

put meat back in pot

pour in liquid to about halfway up the sides of the roast: half water and half low-salt beef broth (low-salt because with all the marinades and broths the salt can add up quickly, and you can just add salt when you eat it)

cover and cook overnight in oven at ~225-250F. The meat should cook at least 6 hours. The broth will have a lot of oil, so you'll need to either cool it separately & skim it off when it hardens or use a grease separator.

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Sounds great. 

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Sounds amazing any Q-views

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Sounds super.  Checking craigs list to find a good dutch oven and a fair price.

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Sounds delicious!

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Sounds delish. But...


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