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Viriginity gone with CB

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THANKS to Bearcarver and his step-by step on CB.  I did my first CB, and I must say, its amazing!!



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That looks fantastic! Nice going.

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Yup that looks good...You can`t go wrong with Bears step by step...He is the best !!!!

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someone help me ...what is CB?

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Canadian Bacon and it looks delicious!

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Excellent.  Just excellent!


I like to take it to eating temp so I can use it for whores ovaries without further cooking.


LTH, CB can be confusing here.  Some people use it for Corned Beef, some people use it for Canadian Bacon.  Either way, it is good stuff!


Good luck and good smoking.

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Looks great, nice job! drool.gificon14.gif Now when you see it the stores you'll just chuckle at it. 

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No wonder I didn't see you for awhile---You've been one Busy Alaskan Bear!!!


Great looking CB for sure!


And more Awesome BearView!!!!


Thank You Sir!!!





Thank You too Roller---Now you guys are making me->>>---------------> icon_redface.gif

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Great job on the Canadian Bacon Alaskan Bear....That is excellent color!!!

Thanks for sharing the Q-View...drool.gif

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A big healthy thanks for all the kind words, without this forum, I wouldnt of attempted to try the CB as yet. Again, many thanks to Bear for his masterfull instructions!!



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Great Looking CB Rich!

Awesome Color!!!


I bet this is not your last bacon





No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Congrats on the CB,

It has perfect color icon_eek.gif


Thanks for the Qview icon14.gif

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drool.gif your CB.   Now, you need to explore BBB (Buckboard Bacon). 

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CB & BBB are 2 of our favorites. Your CB looks delicious! Great color!

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