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Baby Backs

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edited to actually add the pics thanks raptor

Edited by Navyjeremy - 7/8/11 at 6:44pm
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Try this link to load Qview

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10 Racks of Baby Back Ribs=$60




Jeff's rub for 10 racks Baby Back Ribs=$15



Help from my Daughter=PRICELESS!!!!!

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That's quite a load of ribs! Guess your having a party! They look good so far!

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Nice price on the ribs, looking forward to the money shot. 

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They should be done by now!

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This is right before they were pulled off.  No really money shots and Mr. Budweiser got the best of me last night.



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They look great! Nice job!

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Had a little bit of an issue with a hot spot on the left side of the smoker but I just swapped sides when I wrapped in foil and it all worked out.  I think that I am going to try and get some steel and try to make some kind of reverse flow.  Let me know what y'all think.  Opinions are greatly welcomed from all people on here.


MTA:  also going to do the dryer vent thing here in the near future

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You can put tuning plates in the bottom to distribute the heat more evenly. Just use the search & you will find all kinds of mods.

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