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insulated food gloves

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this has probably been covered but here's my 2 cents! 


I got a pair of  Steven Raichlen Barbecue Insulated Food Gloves these things worked very well for pulling pork and they also will work great for moving large cuts like brisket 

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I guess we all have our favorites when it comes to gloves.

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I'm just tickled for a newby FNG like me it's ground breaking that I don't have to use tongs or meat fork to move large hot cuts of meat anymore.

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Are they all silicone? 

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It says Food safe, insulated rubber gloves 

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Originally Posted by PDX210 View Post

It says Food safe, insulated rubber gloves 

I googled them, I see what they are now. Should work great. icon14.gif

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I just got my new 24x48 offset smoker last week. I had bought a pair of leather welder's gloves which work great for playing with logs in the firebox. But I hadn't found any gloves for the meat. Then, half way into the fourth of July cook, I remembered that I bought a Ronco "set it and forget it" rotisserie with an accessories package a while back at COSTCO. I went into the pantry and sure enough, there sat a pair of blue rubber gloves still in the bag! Don't know who makes em, but they worked great for my butts and ribs.

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