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Wanted: Mini Twiggy style smoker/tailgater

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Mini Twiggy style smoker/tailgater

Willing to Offer: ?

Not sure if BBQ dad is no longer making these or not, but emailed him with nothing back unfortunately. . If anyone makes these or can clone it, let me know! (Or if you know bbq dad, let him know I'm looking for one!)

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what does it look like I did a google image serch but i didnt get any

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Yeah, I should have mentioned don't go looking on google or you may want to gouge your eyes out! lol


There's a pic, sounds like he's not making them anymore which is a bummer.

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thats sweet going to have to give that a try, is that like dolly tires on there?

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I think those are great !!!!!

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Yeah, I was thinking of building one myself, but just finished my first double barrel build and although it turned out pretty good, I'm not sure I've got the skills to turn one of those little guys out as well as I'd like.  Looks like he used dolly tires, would be awesome to see someone do the metal spoke style wheels instead that some of the builders use!

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Found someone else who's making these- this ones a bit smaller than I was hoping for though!


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I really don't think there's much difference in size between the two. 

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Just wondering how much they sell for?

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The one from huntingdon is $400.00. I was gonna get one and went a different dirrection.

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Yeah, not sure how much of a difference there is between the two, but sure would be nice to have something that looks that good to do a single rack of ribs on the q for the wife and I.  The one from bbq dad was just a little more than the oneabove, bout $500 plus shipping- I'm debating if I should go for it or not- wife will definitly kick my old gasser out of the yard if I do.

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just measured it out, and that thinks about an inch less than I need for width and about 7 inches short, guess I know what my next metal project will be.

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Dang for that much money you may want to just throw a WSM in the trunk!

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