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How much pork

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how many pounds of butt for 30 people, i know theres a formula but need a price kinda soon.

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Figure your going to yield 50-55% of raw weight. Then for friends and family figure about 1/3 lb per sandwich.  If you started with 20 lbs of raw butts that would yield about 10 lbs of finished pulled pork then if 1/3 lb per sandwich that would be 30 sandwiches. That would be one per person if you have heavy eaters adjust the recipe up and don't worry about left overs it reheats great

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thanks for the reply piney, thats about what i figured. this is my first kinda paying gig so kinda excited. not makein but about $20 but if it gets the word out it'll be worth it.

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My experience smoking pulled pork for a large party  taught me that 1/3 lb of finished pork per person can be  substantially too much if you have a lot of sides. Baked beans, moink balls and mac & cheese all will compete for plate, and ultimately, stomach space. If its my money, the more the better, but on another's dime, with lots of sides, I'd figure 1/4 lb per person.

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If it is a commercail gig I would figure 1/4 lb per person.

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Nothing wrong with leftovers!

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You can always save left overs, but you can't make more if you run out.


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