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New RF build materials questions

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I was about to embark on a 55gal barrel build because a buddy was giving me one.  But I just ran across some 1/4" diamond plate.  So now I am torn, because I know a barrel will not last as long over time because the metal is not as thick.  The barrel will be a cheaper build and I know my 130 amp welder can handle it.  I have seen some nice looking barrels, but it does not have the appeal that smooth metal has (not that diamond plate is smooth.)  The barrel may be a better first time build, but I am going to spend the time to research and design before I build so it's not like I am planning to knock this out in a few hours.



So here are some questions for the experts:


1. With the metal prices as they are right now, does 1/4" diamond plate 4'x8' priced at $75-100 seem like a deal?

2. Does anyone know of any deals in the KC area for plate or pipe?

3. Do you think 1/4" is too thick for the cooking area? I am thinking 2'x2'x3'

4. Are there any gotchas to diamond plate to where you should not use it for a build?



Lastly, there is a bbq festival in Weston, MO this weekend.  Is there anyone from here going?  I would love to see someone else's handiwork up close.



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I'm bumping this up so hopefully you can get your questions answered.

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1/4" is better choice all the way around except for the budget. The thicker metal will help with maintaining temps and longevity. As for the diamond plate, that isn't nearly as important as the type of metal it is manufactured from. I have seen chromed diamond plate, mild steel diamond plate and even stainless steel diamond plate. I have had fairly good luck getting metal from the local scrapyard for a very good price.

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I definitely need to hit the scrap yards to see what's out there.  It looks like that diamond plate is less then scrap price so I am not going to do any better then that.

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