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CharBroil - Upgrade/Reverse Flow Conversion

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I am sure a lot of people have seen the CharBroil Propane/Reverse Flow Conversion on the web. Well I used that as a template for my design. I used 1" square tubing and began building a more robust frame. Everytime I moved it around in and out of the shed I thought the thing was going to fall apart and I was just not happy with it. I also wanted to raise the unit up to feel more comfortable. I wanted more robust wheels/tires to replace the cheap plastic ones that didn't give much ground clearance. The propane tank was always just put out behind the unit somewhere and that just took up too much room so I made a recess in the new lower grate to accomodate the tank. I am not quite done with it but you can get the idea. As I got more into overbuilding the frame for this lightweight unit I just rationalized

it as building it for my next upgrades.


This is before...

smoker before.JPG


and here is afterIMAG0334.jpg




Test fitting the 3/16 reverse flow plate




Kinda hard to tell the flames I painted on the exhaust to cover the weld/grinds





There are 2 stacks but one is just a dummy for looks of symetry(I just like the looks of duals)

I have 2 new thermometers I going to install at grate level i am just waiting for paint to put them on.




Now I just need to finish the back shelve and paint it and I think I'll be done for now.(until I have some other idea come up.)










































































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That looks cool! Can't wait to hear how it performs. With your obvious welding/fabrication skill, I bet you could turn out one heck of a horizontal/reverse flow UDS.

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That is really cool! Great job! Can't wait to see how it cooks!

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looks good going to have to fix mine up!

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Well I ran it for about 23-24hrs this last weekend to season it and to see how she'd do. I am kicking my self for not taking any pics of the Q that this produced. We had an quick little get together and I threw on a 11lb brisket and 2 whole chickens. Took a little longer to heat up than I was used to due to the 3/16 plate but once it did it held very well. Anytime I had to open the door to turn or mop the temps came back up in about a minute. I also used a old cookie sheet on top of the plate filled with water- I wasn't sure how that was going to turn out since I had never used a water tray before. I am sold now. The difference is noticable. With no time to test before cooking I was thoroughly surprised at the temps. From left to right there was maybe just 10-15 degree difference from firebox side to end. As far as fuel usage goes I used about a 1/4 tank of propane for the entire 24hr procedure. I thought I would use more fuel than that based on my previous baffle/plate results(I must have had something wrong with the last setup because I used way more than that for the same amount of time)


With all this being said I thought I would be done.....This has just made things worse. All I can do is think how I can make a mini version of Real57Vette's reverse flow/centermounted firebox to fit on the overkill frame I just built. This truly is an addiction.

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sounds good!


you should post up some pics of your mods in the pit gallery thread.



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Nice job !

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